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The Andronaut's Journey


New Space Opera Book
Explores the Roles of Humans and Artificial Intelligence

The Andronaut’s Journey: A daring space adventure. A divided starship crew. A clash between organic and artificial intelligence.

Orlando, FL, January 12, 2024 — Zaylen Press is proud to announce the release of The Andronaut’s Journey, the debut space opera book from Daryl L. Scott, now available from in paperback and Kindle versions, and from major booksellers everywhere.

Embark on an expedition through the cosmos in The Andronaut’s Journey. Join the crew of the spaceship Novara, an eclectic blend of humans and pioneering androids with advanced artificial intelligence, as they travel to a volatile dwarf planet seeking a precious isotope.

But their perilous mission is just the backdrop to an even more profound quest — understanding the overlap between humans and AI. As they return to their Martian base, they carry with them not just the cargo from their mission, but also an escalating tension between the human crew and the intelligent machines.

The Andronaut’s Journey is a fascinating space opera that explores the profound question of what makes us who we are, in an age where the line between biology and technology is not just blurred, but almost invisible.

According to the author, “My goal with this book, was to provide a perspective that moves beyond the sensationalism of killer robots and explores the future challenges and possibilities of humans working alongside artificial intelligence.”

Daryl L. Scott, a tech innovator and author, has witnessed and shaped technology's evolution from the inside, from early digital assistant development and voice applications to today's AI landscape. The Orlando resident led mobile/web app companies in Silicon Valley after working in ad tech in New York City and has always been at the forefront of tech trends. As readers turn the pages of his novels, they will discover his vision of futuristic possibilities intertwined with wisdom from years of industry leadership.

ISBN: 979-8-218-31183-4

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